Salix Ventures was founded in 1997 to make private equity investments in high-growth health care services companies and raised three limited partnerships with more than $180 million of committed capital. Although Salix is no longer evaluating new investment opportunities, our founding partners continue to actively manage our remaining portfolio companies.

Chris founded Salix Ventures with David Ward in 1997. Prior to Salix, he managed CGJR Health Care Services Group, a Nashville-based health care venture fund since May 1995. Previously, he served as a senior manager for a series of venture-backed health care start-ups.

In 1985, Chris joined MediVision, serving as its Chief Financial Officer and later as President and a Director. MediVision was the first company to develop specialized outpatient surgery centers. In 1989, MediVision was sold to Medical Care International, where Chris served as Senior Vice President and Treasurer until 1993. Medical Care, then the largest operator of outpatient surgery centers in the country, was acquired by HCA in 1994.

Chris joined Heritage Surgical Corporation in Nashville in March 1993, where he served as Chief Operating Officer and a Director. Heritage Surgical merged with Surgical Health Corporation in January 1994, and Chris joined Surgical Health as Chief Operating Officer. Surgical Health was acquired by HealthSouth Corporation in May 1995.

Chris received a B.A. from Williams College in 1976 and his J.D. from Boston University in 1979. He practiced law in Boston from 1979 until 1985.

David founded Salix Ventures with Chris Grant in 1997. Prior to Salix, David was instrumental in the start-up and growth of two companies. As Vice President of Development at MedCath (Nasdaq:MDTH), a cardiovascular services provider, he was instrumental in conceiving, planning, and executing the company's strategy for developing specialty heart hospitals, the first independent, freestanding specialized facilities in the United States dedicated to cardiovascular care.

David commenced his career at Bain Capital and was part of a team that conceived, developed, and implemented the business plan for MediVision. As Director of Development and then Vice President of Operations, David acquired, developed, and later managed, numerous eye surgery centers and their affiliated practices. After MediVision was acquired by Medical Care International, David served as Medical Care's Vice President of Managed Care.

David graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University in 1979 with an A.B. in economics and received his J.D. and M.B.A. from Stanford University in 1983.

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